“Moses has given you the law, has he not? Yet not one of you keeps it. Why do you look for a chance to kill me?”

“You are mad!” the crowd retorted. “Who wants to kill you?”

Jesus answered: “I have performed a single work and you profess astonishment over it. Moses gave you circumcision (though it did not originate with Moses but with the patriarchs). And so, even on a sabbath you circumcise a man. If a man can be circumcised on the sabbath to prevent a violation of Mosaic law, how is it you are angry with me for curing a whole man on the sabbath? Stop judging by appearances and make an honest judgment.”



Catholic Bible Publishers
Wichita, Kansas
Copyright 1970, 1978-1978 Edition

Stephen J. Hartdegen, O.F.M., S.S.L.
Christian P. Ceroke, O.Carm., S.T.D.

Patrick Cardinal O’Boyle, D.D.
Archbishop of Washington